Visitor Amenities: Souvenirs & Supplies

Kayaks at Manzanita LakeManzanita Lake Camper Store

Did you forget something? Don’t stress! It’s likely in stock at the Manzanita Lake Camper Store.

Located at the Manzanita Lake Campground near the northwest end of the park, the Camper Store carries apparel, gifts, groceries, beverages, sundries, ice, firewood, fishing tackle, camping equipment, and basic automotive supplies. Gasoline, pay phone, and ATM also available.


Lassen Cafe & GiftLassen Cafe & Gift

Located in the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center at the southwest entrance, Lassen Cafe & Gift is the largest gift shop in Lassen Volcanic National Park. You’ll find a selection of handcrafted jewelry and locally produced artwork (several created by American Indian artisans), as well as apparel, sundries and park souvenirs. Many are one-of-a-kind treasures that provide the perfect gift or keepsake of a visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park.


Drakesbad Guest Ranch

Pick up a gift or souvenir of your visit to Drakesbad, to remind you of the wonderful experience you had.